Not all Anglers prefer to have a full guidance programme attached,
     so for those who would like a week of fishing with just an intro
     to the river, fishing tactics, pools etc. the chance is here..
     It is up to you to decide when you want to fish and what you want
     to fish for. We take care of all practical matters so that you can
     concentrate on the important thing - to fish !
     This means that we provide you with fishing & state licenses, maps,  
     and accomodation etc. You take care of your own transportation,
     foodstuff and beverages - things can't be made any easier. Should
     you, however, want us to provide for meals etc. - no problem, just let
     us know and we will take care of that too.
     If you want to lease rods, lines, reels, waders etc. this can be done 
     through REDTAG. Want an assortment of local flies? Well, we stock
     these, so please take a look at the REDTAG Boutique.
     The rivers we fish are the best of its kind and just a brief presentation: 
     The river Skjern is the main river of a big western water system and 
     contains a good stock of salmon with an impressive average weight
     and some very big species - fish in the 10-16 kg range is not an
     unfamilar sight here. The river Varde is also known for its big salmons
     - in 2010 with a 20,1 kg on the top. The river is especially good in
     spring and autumn. The river Guden was once a river famous all over
     Europe and is now beginning to get back to its original good fishing
     opportunities - 2009 saw the catch of a salmon weighing 21,1 kg -
     really quite an extraordinary fish! The river holds more...!
     All in all there are plenty of opportunities to fish salmons where you 
     prefer in our assortment of Danish rivers. What we can do is to 
     guide you where to find the fish, which flies to use, give you an
     updated information about catches and runs of salmons and seatrouts,  
     settle practical matters about accomodation, fishing liceses etc. 
     in order for you to concentrate your efforts on fishing.  


      River Skjern:  $ 890,00 / € 660,00
      River Guden: $ 895,00 / € 665,00
      River Varde:  $ 1070,00 / € 799,00
      River Karup (Seatrout fishing)  $ 935,00 / € 695,00
      Djurs (Coastal Seatrout)  $ 845,00 / € 625,00
      Funen (Coastal Seatrout)  $ 845,00 / € 625,00
      The Limfjord (Coastal Seatrout)  $ 845,00 / € 625,00
      If you should like to visit other Danish  
      rivers for salmon like the river Ribe or
      river Storaa or seatrout rivers like the
      river Simested, river Kolding or river
      Vejle, please drop us an email...
      Prices given above includes:
         "  Accomodation for 7 nights (TV, WC/bath, kitchen...)
         "  Fishing Licenses & State permit for 6 days
         "  Personal Guiding (3-4 hours)
         "  Information package about the river or coast
         "  Freezing facilities available
         "  Map of the river or coast
         -  No transportation, meals or beverages included

 Special Offer >>


    We will be glad to accomodate groups of Anglers that would like to
    benefit from our experiences concerning inexpensive stays, the right
    period to fish etc. An example:
    For a group of 4-6 fishermen one week of salmon fishing by the river
    Guden will cost DKK 2.950,- ( € 395,- / $ 490,-) per person including,
    accomodation 20 meters from the river with TV, freezer, WC/bath,
    grill etc. A guide will show you the river and several "hot spots"
    in order for you to get the best chances to get in touch with the rivers
    salmons and seatrouts. Likewise state license as well as fishing
    permits are included in this price as are information materials about
    the river, fishing methods etc...



    Directions:  You will receive instructions
    Duration:  7 days (6 fishing days)
    Date/Time:  You decide
    River or Coast fishing:  Depending on your choice                 
    Gear:  Bring your own or lease it through REDTAG
    Language:  We speak English, German, Danish and a little French...
    No. of participants:  1 person or more
    Payment:  Must be made 1 month in advance of the course date

    Bank details: Nordea, Bredgade Afd., 7400 Herning, Denmark

    SWIFT: NDEADKKK    IBAN: DK5520003487667381
   There is no "right" way or any "wrong" way to catch a 
   salmon, though it sometime seems as though some fishermen
   think so! 
   There are more challenging ways and less challenging ways.
   The most  challenging method is without any doubt to
   catch the salmon on a fly but spin fishing has its secrets and
   intricacies too. This salmon hooked on a spinner in river Guden
   near the town of Ulstrup. 


     REDTAG Kirkegade 3, 8881 Thorsø, Denmark " (+45) 97 20 88 28 / (+45) 21 80 64 88 " info@s-e-s.dk "