We like to think that a local representative often will be of good use
     if you have any questions about fishing, methods etc. and that is
     why we have a joint venture with dedicated fishermen in various
     countries. Below please find a presentation of our representatives.
     You can email REDTAG's associates about the issues you find
     of interest concerning our fishing trips, local conditions, weather
     etc. Please note that they only respopnds to questions pertinent
     to our courses, rivers etc. 
     If you would like to be a REDTAG associate please feel free to
     email us and we will send you our terms & conditions.


     Contact Carl:
     Carl De Clercq is a native Belgian who has fished Danish
     rivers and fjords extensively during the last 10 years. He is a
     passionate fly fisher and fly tyer and fishes for salmon and
     seatrout all over the world. Carl is willing to introduce you
     to the fantastic world of fly fishing and REDTAG's Fishing
     Adventures all this in an atmosphere of respect and
     sustainability for nature, fish and fellow fishermen.
     As REDTAG representative Carl is available to Belgian,
     Flemish and Dutch/French/German speaking fishermen.
      Contact Andreas: 
      Andreas Zachbauer was born in Austria and has fished the
      Austrian waters since he was a little child. Starting out with
      trouts in a nearby river Andreas has since emerged as a
      predator specialist.
      Due to his educational multimedia background he spends
      a lot of time representing fishing itself on the world-wide
      web the best he can.
      Andreas promotes the REDTAG fishing adventures to the
      countries of Austria, Switzerland and Germany on his own                
      webpage - please visit for more information.
      Andreas knows a lot of the tricks that goes into fishing for
      pike, perch and other predators and has specialised in
      giving his baits the scent of various flavors - with great
      success. Andreas fsihes equally well with natural bait as 
      well as with spoons, spinners etc.Most of his fishing takes
      place on lakes he feels comfortable with most kinds of waters.

     REDTAG, Kirkegade 3 " 8881 Thorsø, Denmark " (+45) 97 20 88 28 / (+45) 21 80 64 88 " "