River Guden is the longest river in Denmark with its 158 km, however,
     salmon and seatrouts are found only at the lower parts of the river.
     Back in the 1920s the original stock of salmons were extinguished
     due to the building of the Tange power plant, but in the early 1990s
     efforts were made to introduce the salmon into the river Guden - and
     these efforts proved to be a succes. Each year several hundred fish
     are caught in the river with a giant salmon of 21,1 kg from 2009 as the
     biggest fish landed so far.
     The river can change from being gin clear to have a brownish tan and
     due to environmental reasons the river weed grows freely, sometimes
     presenting a challenge to the fisherman - "fishing the weed" is one
     of the secrets to fishing the river Guden from June and throughout
     the season.
     The salmon starts entering the river in late March or beginning of
     April while the seatrouts runs a little later from May/June. 
     Salmons above 10 kg are caught each year but the middle weight is
     approx. 4 kg while seatrouts averages 2,5 - 3 kg.
     Most fly fishing is done upstream the town of Bjerringbro (Zone 1)
     and wading is practised by many. Local as well as conventional 
     patterns are used as well as tube flies of various sorts. One-hand
     as well as two-hand rods are used with intermediate or sinking 
     shooting heads and leaders. 



    This course will give you the necessary skills to fish for
    the river Guden salmon (and seatrout). You will be thoroughly

    introduced to:

      ::  Fly casting methods (overhand/Spey/switch)
      ::  Flies used by the river, lines, leaders...
      ::  Holding places/Salmon lies
      ::  The Danish Salmon Centre where you will see the salmon,
          hear about concervation projects etc.
      ::  Salmon fishing tactics
      ::  Line intake, getting the flow
      ::  The technique of "fishing the weed..." 
      ::  Factors affecting salmon taking behavior etc.
      ::  ...and potiential answers to questions you might have
   PROGRAMME 07. - 13. September 2014
     Saturday, afternoon:  Arrival and accomodation
     Sunday 09.00 am: Welcome/introduction & fishing
     Monday 09.00 am - Wednesday 18.00: Salmon Fishing   
     Thursday 09.00 - 12.00 am: Salmon fishing
     Thursday 14.00 - 16.00 pm: Visit to the DCF
     Friday 09.00 am: Salmon fishing 
     Saturday 09.00 am: Fishing/Diploma/see you next year... 
     We also conduct another Autumn tour in 2013 - dates are:
     Fly fishing, river Guden 12. October - 18. October 2014 


        Price is  $1.785,- / €1.335,- which includes: 
    ::  Accomodation at Madsens hotel (singleroom, 7 nights) & all meals
    ::  Fishing licenses, state permit (6 fishing days)
    ::  Guiding (6 days - approx. 8 hours per day)
    ::  An afternoon visit to The Danish Centre for the Wild Salmon
    ::  Freezing facilities available                         
    ::  Map of Information materials
    ::  Transportation to/from the river
    ::  Diploma at the end of the Course
    ::  25% Danish VAT is included in the price

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   ::  Width: 10-80 meters
   ::  Lenght: 158 km
   ::  Major tributaries: River N�rre, river Lilleaa...
   ::  Situated in: Eastern Jutland
   ::  Water tan : Clear/brownish tan
   ::  Species: Salmon, seatrout, pike, pikeperch...
   ::  Season: 16. January - 31. October
   ::  Quotas: 2 salmons or seatrouts per day
                    no river quotas installed
   ::  Methods: Fly, spin, natural baits
   ::  Restrictions: None
   ::  Average weight - salmons: 4 kg  
   ::  Biggest salmon caught: 21,1 kg (32 kg - before 1921)
   ::  Last recorded catch per year: +500 salmons 
    For this course you are accomodated at Madsens Hotel in
    Bjerringbro - close to the places we fish. The Hotel has all
    facilities needed to accomodate the fisherman and exposes a
    nice, warm and friendly athosphere. 
    In Bjerringbro you wil also find a tackle shop as well as  
    cafes, restaurants etc. 
  "Sandskredet is one of the famous places along the river
   Guden. Each year will see good catches being made here
   and fish above 10 kg are taken each year.  
   This place will hold fish from the beginning to the end of 
   the season and the salmon shown on the video was one 
   of the late fish being caught in September 2012. A really 
   good fight was delivered by this huge male salmon. 

     REDTAG Kirkegade 3, 8881 Thorsø, Denmark " (+45) 97 20 88 28 / (+45) 21 80 64 88 " "