Fishing is for everybody to enjoy - old, young, rich, poor - the fish
       do not discriminate between who you are or what you are! To fish
       is to go back to the very beginnings of human existance when it
       was necessary to go hunting and fishing to sustain life. 
       Not so any more, but the exictement, joy, dissapointmernts and
       triumphs have probably not changed since the the caveman began
       to use hooks and lines to catch a fish..
       Fishing means getting close to the natural surroundings, the sun,
       the rain, the cold and the warmth, no weather is bad for fishing..!
       By the river there is no dress code, no means for cheating you to a  
       fish, no leaders, no followers, no "right way" to catch a fish, no
       way to cut corners..it is just...fishing! A place where the conventional
       habits and relationships turns into a new experience.
       So, if you would like to experience how it is to fish - the methods, 
       the rods, reels, lines, the ways to hook and land a fish, how to 
       clean it and how to cook it - we offer a course for just that called - 
       Learn to Fish...join us! 


       We have more than 40 years of experience fishing 
       the Danish rivers, lakes and coastal areas so you will
       get a a thorough understanding of the waters, holding 
       places, the fishing gear and more when imploying our  
       services. These services implies that we treat you as
       a novice fisherman who needs a little bit of guidance
       in order to begin fishing... We can teach you all the
       how's and why's of most methods, species to fish and
       places to fish...




       This course lasts 6 hours - from 10.00 to 16.00 and is intended
       for adults as well as children and families - everyone can participate
       if you think fishing could be your new outdoor activity.
       At the course you will learn the techniques and tricks used for:
            >>  fishing with a fly
            >>  fishing with spinners, woblers & spoons
            >>  the baits to use - sizes, colors etc.
            >>  handling spinning rods & lines, nets, knots...
            >>  fishing with natural baits 
            >>  handling the fish - landing & killing it 
            >>  cleaning the fish
            >>  cooking the fish over open fire 
            >>  making the traditional scandinavian "gravad" fish 
            >>  and maybe a couple of other tricks...


      This course is conducted as a group course with 8-12
      people participating. Should you wish to have a course
      for your own family with a smaller number of participants
      we can arrange for this.
      We provide for the gear to be used and we make the
      necessary arrangements concerning the place to fish.
      so all you have to do is to prepare for an exciting day
      and maybe a new lifetime interest..who knows! 
      If interested then just send us an email here... 


     REDTAG, Kirkegade 3 " 8881 Thorsø, Denmark " (+45) 97 20 88 28 / (+45) 21 80 64 88 " info@s-e-s.dk "