If you don't want the trouble of bringing your own gear to
         Denmark you can lease all the things you need through REDTAG -
         rods, fly reels, nets, waders, fishing vests, lines, baits etc. 
         This service extends to all our guests - be it for a wekend or
         for a two week stay in Denmark.
         The gear will be at your disposal at the site where you are going
         to fish when you arrive and should be placed in the same location
         when you leave. We guarantee the equipment is ready for fishing
         and the gear should be returned in the same condition. Broken rods
         or gear that is somehow lost etc. is liable for a compensation


    "  You are responsible for keeping the gear in the same
        condition you received it when delivering it back.
        We guarantee the gear to be in perfect condition when
        you receive it. We furthermore guarantee that the
        the equipment is according to the specifications you
        have given us
     "  Leasing of gear is possible for all except for Tours on
        Your Own with no guiding
     "  Please fill out the form below and we will then email you 
        costs and bank transferral information


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Street Address

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State / Region

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  Floating line
Sinking (1)
  Sink tip
Sinking (2)
Sinking (3)

 Fly Rods

  9 ft. (One-hand)
12 ft. (Two-hand)
  10 ft. (One-hand)
13 ft. (Two-hand)
  11 ft. (One-hand)
14 ft. (Two-hand)
 Other Fly  Gear
  Fly Vest (€2) 

  Flies (€90)

Knife (€2)
Net (€2)

 Waders -
 hip (€5)

  Size 39-40
Size 42-43
  Size 40-41
Size 43-44
  Size 41-42
Size 44-45

 Spin Rods  (€15)

  7 ft.
10 ft.
  8 ft.
11 ft. 
  9 ft.
12 ft.

 Other Spin

  Reel (€2)
Net (€2)
  Vest (€2)
6 spinners (€45)
  Knife (€2)




     REDTAG, Kirkegade 3 " 8881 Thorsø, Denmark " (+45) 97 20 88 28 / (+45) 21 80 64 88 "