Pike fishing in the summertime is good sport and can be
        undertaken many places all around Denmark. The pike will now
        have restored itself after spawning and are constantly hunting
        the smaller fish which makes for an excellent chance of getting
        in touch with one of these predators.
        Flies, wobblers, spoons, spinners and natural bait are all used
        to lure the pike and no restrictions apply concerning these
        methods.  Some uses boat fishing, other use bank for fishing
        the pike, when using boats it can be advantagous to have a
        sonar in order to find the right shoal of fish that the pike is


       There is quite a difference when fishing for the pike by
       a river compared to lake fishing by boat. Hotspots can be
       more difficult to find when fisdhing a lake and often you
       will use the boat to trol for the fish.
       When using flies for the pike you must probably reconsider
       your perception of a fly - flies for the pike are big and flashy
       and will not look like anything you would serve for a
       trout or a salmon...


        We offer tours for fishing summer pike all around  Denmark, so
        if you have any particlar favorite regions we can probaly find a
        place where you can fish for pike whether on Seeland, Funen or
        These tours can be conducted for groups of people or just for
        yourself according to needs and preferences. Tours are planned
        on an indivdual basis meaning that we take care of whatever      
        you think will ease your fishing - transportation, fishing permits,
        gear, accomodation etc.
        If you would like us to assist you just mail us and we will come 
        up with a proposal for you based on number of fishermen, whether 
        you would like us to take care of accomodation, in what area 
        you want to fish etc, - just send us an email... 

     PIKE ON A FLY...

      Catching a pike on a fly is great fun and the pikes of the
      river Guden can indeed pose a challenge to every 
      fisherman that goes after these predators - pikes above 
      15 kg has been caught in the river! 
      Fly fishing for pike resembles that of fly fishing for salmon 
      and seatrout, hwoever, with some modifications concerning 
      the flies used at well as intake, but generally the gear
      used for other kinds of fly fishing will normally do the job - 
      one-hand rods, however, are used more extensively here..
      On our courses you will learn about the tips and tricks 
     used to get in touch with the pike... 


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