Pike fishing during the winter or eraly spring may be new to new
      but it can be a rewarding experience to go the the big pike during
      this period. Evidence has shown that an abnormal number of big
      pikes are ready to take the lure during the cold season and species
      of above 15 kg has been caught during these periods.
      Winter fishing can be undertaken in Dabish lakes as well as in
      some of our rivers. The river Guden has proved itself in tghis respect
    . with several fish above the 10 kg mark.
      Flyfishing for pike is the newest addition to the everincreasing arsenal
      of methods to engage the pike and it is a really efficient method
      as evidenced by the many pikes that have fallen for the fly during
      winter. So if you are a pike fisher
      man and would like to see some real action in January, February
      or March this is for you...


     Most of the year it is permitted to take home the pikes you
     catch. However, in April all pikes in Denmark are protected
     due to their spawning activities.
     We would, however, like to make a case, in urging you
     to release the fish you catch, except if you once in a while
     would like to serve it at home. This is espeically vital to the
     big species - it takes years to grow the size of a 10 kg fish
     and it is actually possible to empty an eco-system of its
     population if we as fishermen do not put a restrain on our-
     selves. This way other fishermen will also have the opportunity
     to experience the thrill of fighting the "crocodiles".


     The pike can be found all over Denmark in laeks as well as
     in out rivers so it is "just" a question of hitting the right
     locations in order for you to experience excellent the really
     excellent pike fishing Denmark has to offer.
     At Sealand the lakes of Tystrup-Bavelse, Fures�en,
     S�nders� might be worth a try. In Jutland the Skanderborg
     lake, Silkeborg lakes, Glenstrup lake is well known for its
     stock of pikes. If you are looking for river fishing the rivers
     Sus�, Guden and Skals could be good suggestions for
     a pike trip.
     It is not all waters that are acessible during winter time so
     you should probably research things before taking off...
             Autum by the river Guden - time for the big pike  >>


      We offer pike tours during the winter to chosen locations in
      Jutland primarily, so if you should be interested in participating
      the following tours are planned for the winter 2013 - mail us!
      Tour 1:  Flyfishing for pike - river Guden I : Suspended
      Tour 2:  Flyfishing for pike - river Guden II ; Suspended
      Tour 3:  Pike fishing in the lake Skanderborg - to come
      Tour 4:  Pike fishing in the Silkeborg lakes - to come

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