The pikeperch can be found in limited Danish watersystems
      including the lakes around Silkeborg, the river Guden and lakes
      situated on Seeland (lake Furesoen, lake Bagsvaerd and others).
      The pikeperch can become big and the Danish record weighed
      11 kg caught in 1978 in lake Haraldsted in Jutland. However,
      most fish will be in the 3-4 kg range.
      The pikeperch is free to fish all year round except during the month 
      of May naturally dependent on local regulations for fishing - some
      lakes and rivers are closed for all fishing during the winter months
      so please check before fishing...


     Fishing for pikeperch can be undertaken by using
     several merthods - from natural bait like small fish to
     fishing with woblers and spoons. Most methods will be
     applicable, however, flyfishing for the pikeperch is normally
     not undertaken.
     Trolling for the pikeperch is often used by lake fishing
     while this method is prohibited when fishing the rivers.
     Fancy colors will often stimulate an interest and often it
     is a good idea to try to vary between methods since the 
     pikeperch can be very choosy at times... 


     REDTAG tours means that you are guaranteed optimal conditions
     for your fishing trip - this means that we take care of all practical
     matters - boat leasing, fishing permits, accomodation etc. as
     well as making sure that the waters you fish are among the best
     available sports for the pikeperch.
     We supply you with information about the place(s) to be fished
     and if you want to experience other things besides fishing we are
     most often able to supply you with relevant information..


      REDTAG conducts tours for pikeperch fishing from June
      until October. These tours are all arranged for groups        
      of fishermen upon equest. We can offer tours on the lakes
       at Seeland (near Copenhagen) as well as fishing the lakes
      in the Silkeborg area and the river Guden which are hotspots
      for getting in touch with the pikeperch.
      Just email us for further information here...


    This video show fishing at the lake Bagsvaerd which is near
    Copenhagen. The lake contains besides pikeperch also 
    corse fish, pikes and perches - no trouts, however. 
    The pikeperch is often caught using woblers or spoons of 
    various kinds, natural baits are also a pissibility for engaging 
    this fish... 
    The lake Bagsvaerd is a good bet if you want to fish for 
    pikeperch and we arrange tours for this lake during most of 
    the year - just mail us if you are interested... The video
    exhibits pike fishing as well as other (in Danish..) 


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