The river Skjern is probably the most famous Danish salmon stream
     and this reputation is well deserved. More than 1,000 salmons were
     caught last year and with an average weight above 5,0 kg this
     ranks the river Skjern on top of the line.
     The river is easily fished with one-hand as well as two-hand rods
     at most places and tube flies as well as double and single hook flies
     are in use by the river. Patterns such as the Beiss fly, T&L, Jock Scott,
     Chillimps, Green Highlander are used extensively as well as local
     The river has a steady flow of water often with a brownish tan to it.
     Stretches varies between flat lands and more sloping areas at the
     upper stretches of the river. Water level can move up and down a
     bit, but the river is neither affected by tidal water nor rain to really
     seriously jeopardize fishing possibilities.
     Best periods are the first two weeks when the season opens and
     when it closes. Last year more than 60 salmons were caught on  
     the opening day. As always actual catches can vary during the 
     This river is certainly worth a try if you want to fish in wonderfull
     surroundings by a river that holds salmons throughout the season.
    Please remember that only barbless hooks are allowed and that you
    will have to have a special salmon permit when fishing this river (costs
    DKK 100,-). 


    Our Tours will give you the necessary skills to fish for
    the river Skjern Atlantic salmon. You will be thoroughly

    introduced to:

      ::  Fly casting methods (overhand/Spey/switch)
      ::  Flies used by the river, lines, leaders...
      ::  Holding places/Salmon lies
      ::  The Danish Salmon Centre where you will see the salmon,
          hear about conservation projects etc.
      ::  Salmon fishing tactics
      ::  Line intake, getting the flow, the "riffling hitch"...
      ::  Factors affecting salmon taking behavior etc.
      ::  ...and potiential answers to potential questions you might have
       Monday, Welcome & accomodation, salmon fishing      
       Tuesday/Wednesday, salmon fishing
       Thursday, 14.00 - 16.00 pm: Visit to the DCF
       Friday, salmon fishing 
       Saturday, salmon fishing 
       Sunday - goodbye, see you next year! 
       You are also welcome to join our other Tours conducted 
       along the river Skjern. These are weekly Tours  and here 
        you'll be introdduced to the more famous stretches of the
      The river Skjern is not just about salmon fishing. A good stock 
      of seatrouts is also present in the river and can provide for 
      some nice surprises as this 11,3 kg record seatrout from 
      the river caught a couple of years ago. 


     Price for these one-week Tours is DKK 7.495,- ($ 1.125,- / € 995,-). This

     price is based on a group of min. 5 people attending and includes:
    ::  Accomodation, 7 nights & all meals
    ::  Fishing licenses, salmon permit, state permit (6 fishing days)
    ::  Guiding (6 days - approx. 8 hours per day)
    ::  An afternoon visit to The Danish Centre for the Wild Salmon
    ::  Freezing facilities available                         
    ::  Map of Information materials
    ::  Transportation to/from the river
    ::  25% Danish VAT is included in the price
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   ::  Lenght: 100 km
   ::  Width 6-60 meters
   ::  Major Tributaries: River Vorgod, river Omme, river Rind 
   ::  Situated in: Western Jutland
   ::  Water tan : Clear/brownish
   ::  Species: Salmon, seatrout, grayling, brook trout, pike...  
   ::  Season: 16. April - 15. October
   ::  Quotas: 1 salmon per year/angler
                     Quota: 350 Salmons for the whole river
   ::  Methods: Fly, spin, natural baits (worms only)  
   ::  Restrictions: Only barbless hooks allowed, no prawns
   ::  Average weight - salmons: 5,4 kg  
   ::  Biggest fish caught in river: 26,5 kg  
   ::  Last recorded catch per year: 1.214 salmons 
       Accomodation for this flyfishing Tour by the river Skjern
       is close to the river. All rooms are tastefully recorated and
       rooms are with bath/TV/internet/mini-bar etc.

      Take a look at the river Skjern  >> 



     Fly fishing is the most widely used method for getting in
     touch with the river Skjerb salmon and with good reason -
     most places the river is easily fished with a fly and often
     the salmon seems to be more interested in a fly than in
     other dishes served in front of him.
     The video to your right shows a salmon fight during one of
     of the first days in the sesaon (16. April - 15. October).
     When figheting salmons it is paramount to let the fish  
     "loose" the first minutes. You cannot force a grown salmon
     without risking loosing it during the first part of the fight.
     Later on when it gets more tired you stand better chances
     of controlling what is to happen...!

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