These tours are for those who goes for the trout You are of course
     to change location, accomodation etc. to your preferences concerning
     the courses exhibited below.
     Tours can be arranged according exactly to your preferences
     for which kind of fish top fish for, level of accomodation, meals,
     time period etc. Generally the best period for flyfsihing for trout or
     grayling will be during summer months June-August.
     While the grayling is often plentifull the brook trout as well as the
     rainbow trout ccan be more deceptive. The closing of many fisheries 
     along our rivers has meant a decline in the stock of rainbow trout
     while brook trout fishing at times can be excellent. However, in
     order for a brook trout to reach 2-3 or 4 kg it need years of growth
     which means that a river very quickly can be emptied of its larger 
     trouts- we therefore urge you to consider releasing the bigger
      fish in order to preserve our stock of genuine wild brook trout.


     Tour I - Trout fishing (1 week)
     For this tour you fish on your own - we just take care of all
     practical matters. The rivers to be fished would be the
     river Omme & the river Ansager both of which will provide
     you with fishing for trout & grayling. Included in the price is
     7 days of accomodation, fishing licenses, state license,
     maps & information materials (food & transportation excl.)
     Price: 3.900,00 DKK / $715,- / €525,- including 25% VAT
    Tour II - Trout fishing (1 week) 
    This tour will take you to the river Holme as well as the river 
    Vorgod. Both rivers holds good stocks of trout as well as 
    graylings - 7 days of accomodation, fishing licenses, state
    license, maps & information materials (foods/transport excl.) 
     Price: 3.900,00 DKK / $715,- / €525,- including 25% VAT


     If you would like to book one of these tours or want to have a
     suggestion emailed to you don't hesitate to contact us. We will be
     glad set up a trout fishing trip for you...
     Please specify date/period, species you want to fish for, level
     of accomodation etc. and we will email you a price offer. Please
     allow a day or two for this...
     If you should prefer to lease fishing equipment, waders etc. this
     is no problem we stock most of the tools...! 



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