River Varde is a typical Danish Salmon stream and has seen an
     impressive development during the last 10 years - in catches as well
     as with regard to the major efforts undertalken to put the river bed
     back to its original state uptown Varde.
     The river is easily fished with one-hand as well as two-hand rods
     at most places and tube flies as well as double and single hook flies
     are in use by the river. Patterns such as the Beiss fly, T&L, Jock Scott,
     Chillimps, Green Highlander are used extensively as well as local
     The river is to a certain extent affected by tidal water that can influence
     fishing some kilometers up the river. The river is brownish in color
     and the surroundings varies throughout its run - from slopes, forest and
     hills at the stretches around Karlsgaarde to a very flat landscape
     further down the river below the town of Varde.
     Best periods are the first two weeks when the season opens and
     when it closes. In the summer period the river can become quite  
     warm due to its generally low water level somewhat impairing the
     possibilities for getting in touch with the salmon..
     A really nice river - typically westcoast that will improve even more in
     the years to come partly due to a major river restauration project 


      <<  Nice 10 kg spring salmon from the river Varde 


    This course will give you the necessary skills to fish for
    the river Varde Atlantic salmon. You will be thoroughly

    introduced to:

      ::  Fly casting methods (overhand/Spey/switch)
      ::  Flies used by the river Varde, leaders, lines...
      ::  Holding places/Salmon lies
      ::  The Danish Salmon Centre where you will see the salmon,
          hear about concervation projects etc.
      ::  Salmon fishing tactics
      ::  Line intake, getting the flow
      ::  Factors affecting salmon taking behavior etc.
      ::  Information about the river restauration project
      ::  ...and hopefully answers to all questions you might have

 >>  Seatrout record, river Varde - 11,5 kg  


   PROGRAMME 11. May - 14. May 2013

     Saturday, afternoon:  Arrival and accomodation
     Sunday , 09.00 am: Welcome/introduction & fishing
     Monday, 09.00 am - Wednesday 18.00: Salmon Fishing   
     Thursday, 09.00 - 12.00 am: Salmon fishing
     Thursday, 14.00 - 16.00 pm: Visit to the DCF
     Friday, 09.00 am: Salmon fishing 
     Saturday 09.00 am: Fishing/Diploma/see you next year... 
     You are also welcome to consider participating in our 
     Autumn course taking place:
     Fly fishing, river Varde 28. September - 04. October 2014


     Price for these one-week courses are $1.910,- / €1.425,- including: 

    ::  Accomodation at Hotel Varde (singleroom, 7 nights) & all meals
    ::  Fishing licenses, state permit (6 fishing days)
    ::  Guiding (6 days - approx. 8 hours per day)
    ::  An afternoon visit to The Danish Centre for the Wild Salmon
    ::  Freezing facilities available                         
    ::  Map of Information materials
    ::  Transportation to/from the river
    ::  Diploma at the end of the Course
    ::  25% Danish VAT is included in the price

    <<  The Morrums fly                                       ::  GO TO BOOKING   




   ::  Lenght: 100 km
   ::  Width: 5-30 meters
   ::  Major Tributaries: River Grindsted, river Ansager... 
   ::  Situated in: Western Jutland
   ::  Water tan : Brownish
   ::  Species: Salmon, seatrout, steelhead, pike...  
   ::  Season: 1. april - 31. october
   ::  Quotas: 1 salmon per year/angler
                    130 salmons in total for the river per year
   ::  Methods: Fly, spin, natural baits
   ::  Restrictions: None
   ::  Average weight - salmons: 4,4 kg  
   ::  Biggest fish caught in river: 20,3 kg / (22 kg)
   ::  Last recorded catch per year: 451 salmons 
       For this course you are located at Hotel Varde in the town
       of Varde - with just 5 min. by car to the places we fish.
       Hotel Varde is a nice comfortable place with all the 
       necessary facilities at your hand... 


     Salmon fishing can at times be hard work, but when that
     10 kg fish hooks to your fly or spinner magic happens. 
     The video to your right makes the dream come through -
     a nice salmon has taken to the spinner by the White 
     Bank of river Varde. This place has seen a lot of action 
     throughout the years and hundreds of salmons have been 
     caught - and lost - along the banks of this stretch of the  
     The video shows you some things about salmon fishing 
     that is the right way to do it - and some things that are 
     not the right way to do it!  Though in Danish you will
     probably understand what is going on...!


     Temperatures do affect the salmons willingness to hook
     on a fly or take to a spinner. Water temperatures are to
     99% affected by air temperature so it might be good idea
     to check prevailing conditions beforehand. 
     If the water temperature is too cold or too warm the
     behavior will exhibit a state of inactivity and only when
     temperatures rises or falls will behavior change...
Your weather just got better.

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