Not all salmon fishermen can dispose of a full week, so we have
     made a special weekend programme that will introduce you to the
     river, techniques used, salmon lies, gear etc.
     The programme starts on Friday afternoon and finishes Sunday   
     afternoon. During the weekend you will be guided by an experienced
     fisherman who thoroughly knows the river and the ways to fish it.
     Our Weekend tours are not just for flyfishers but for all who would like 
     an in depth introduction to the river in question, be it the river Guden,
     river Skjern, river Varde or the river Karup. Included in the price are all
     costs except your transportation and beverages.
     At the course you will be introduced to the "hot spots" by the river, 
     get an overview of the methods used, hear about local fly patterns,
     get acquainted with the salmon biology by the river and much more. 


      The river Skjern: DKK 3.650,- / € 485 / $ 650,-
      The river Guden: DKK 3.495,- / € 465,- / $ 625,-

      The River Varde: DKK 3.375,- / € 450,- / $ 605,-

      This price includes:

      - Accomodation (2 nights) in a single room -TV/bath etc.
      - All meals (2 x breakfast, lunch & dinner), coffee...
      - Full guiding for 2 days
      - Information package about the river
      - Freezing facilities available
      - Fishing licenses & State permit
      - Map of the river
      - Transportation to/from the river (co-sharing)


    Our Week-end courses are all placed in spring, giving you
    the best chances of getting in touch with a newly run salmon. 
    It all depends on ypu...and your luck! 
    River Skjern:    02. May - 04. May 2014
    River Varde:     23. May - 25. May 2014
    River Guden:    24. Oct. -  26. Oct. 2014
    River Karup:     25. July - 27. July  2014
   Catching a salmon on a fly is a dream come through for most 
   fishermen. The sheer power that is in play is awesome and the
   rush of the fish downstream and the jumps are moments that
   forever is embedded in your brain. 
   The most exciting moment in fly fishing is when you actually see
   the fish are about to take the fly, however, many times this is
   hidden for us and we just feel the rod bending when the salmon
   makes its attack. 
   The video to your right shows some of the magic moments of
   salmon fishing - all footage shot by the river Skjern...great video!



    Directions:  We will inform you about this
    Meeting place:  At the Hotel
    Time:  Friday at 15.00 pm
    Departure:  Sunday at 15.00 pm                    
    Gear:  Bring your own or lease it through REDTAG
    Language:  We speak English, German, Danish and a little French...
    No. of participants:  Min. 3 persons, max. 8 persons
    Payment:  Must be made 1 month in advance of the course date

    Bank details: Nordea, Bredgade Afd., 7400 Herning, Denmark

    SWIFT: NDEADKKK    IBAN: DK5520003487667381
     << Johannes 

     REDTAG Kirkegade 3, 8881 Thorsø, Denmark " (+45) 97 20 88 28 / (+45) 21 80 64 88 " info@s-e-s.dk "