Fishing for seatrouts along the Danish coasts began in the 1950s
     and has since evolved tremendously so that nowadays most Danish
     Anglers make recurrent trips to their favourite spots...
     The coastal seatrout fishing is very different from fishing the seatrout
     in the rivers obviously due to different eating habits, different
     environments and other factors. The techniques, however, are pretty
     much the same implying that you can fish with a fly, spoon, natural
     baits etc. and still have a good chance to catch a seatrout.
     Fly patterns differs somewhat, though. The vast pssibilities for the
     seatrout to roam around is another issue that separates coastal
     fishing from river fishing...you must know where to find them and when!
     Our courses takes place along some of the best stretches of the  
     Danish coast, that year by year produce great results. Djurs is famous 
     for its often above average seatrout, Funen has made a name for itself 
     by deliberately aiming at seatrout fishing tourists which means that
     there is a professional organization taking care of creating the best 
     possibilities for the angler. The Limfjord also produces a good number
     of seatrout due to the river Karup, river Simested, river Jordbro and
     other streams that enter the Limfjord. 
     Average weight of the seatrout is approx. 2 kg but fish of +10 kg
     has been caught in a few instances... 


      The Coast of Djurs:     DKK 2.995,- / $ 550,- / € 395,-
      The Coast of Funen:    DKK 2.995,- / $ 550,- / € 395,-
      The Limfjord Coast:     DKK 2.995,- / $ 550,- / € 395,-

      This price includes:

     - Accomodation (2 nights)
     - All meals (2 x breakfast, lunch & dinner), coffee...
     - Full guiding for 2½ days
     - Information package about the coastal seatrout
     - Freezing facilities available
     - State permit
     - Map of the location to be fished
     - Transportation to/from the coast


   The dates picked for our courses for the coastal seatrout
    are not accidental. These are the best periods for getting in
    touch with the seatrout. But again - fishing is a matter of
    skills, luck, persistancy and a lot of other factors!
    Djurs :   04. April  - 06. April  2014
    Funen :   11. April - 13. April 2014
    The Limfjord:   28. March - 30. March 2014




      Directions:  Please see Maps
      Meeting place:  At the Hotel
      Time:  Friday at 15.00 pm
      Departure:  Sunday at 15.00 pm                    
      Gear:  Bring your own or lease it through REDTAG
      Language:  We speak English, German, Danish and a little French...
      No. of participants:  Min. 3 persons, max. 8 persons
      Payment:  Must be made 1 month in advance of the course date

      Bank details: Nordea, Bredgade Afd., 7400 Herning, Denmark

      SWIFT: NDEADKKK    IBAN: DK5520003487667381



     Catching a seatrout of 6,2 kg is one of the rare moments
     in a fisherman's life. Generally the coastal seatrout will be 
     in the 1,5 - 3,5 kg range and often you will run into fish 
     below the accepted minimum of 40 centimeter - but it is 
     often a rewarding style of fishing when the fish are within 
     range of the fly.
     Flies are different from most flies used in the river since we 
     often try to imitate the pray that seatrouts are after during 
     that particular period of time. This is not to say that they  
     cannot be caught by whatever fatasy flies you fly box can 
     exhibit - variation is often a good idea! 
     Enjoy the video... 


     REDTAG Kirkegade 3, 8881 Thorsø, Denmark " (+45) 97 20 88 28 / (+45) 21 80 64 88 " info@s-e-s.dk "