Danish seatrout fishing is probably the most popular thing among
     Danish fishermen. Throughout the years a lot of projects have been
     undertaken to improve the living conditions, breed and release fish,
     controlling fishing regulations etc.
     This week-end course will give you an in depth perspective of what
     Danish river seatrout fishing is all about - the river, holding places,
     techniques employed, runs, tactics and more..
     Starting out your Danish experience with this course will enable you
     to seek out your own stretches, understand what seatrout fishing
     is all about set in a wonderfull environment along our best rivers...


      The river Karup:  DKK 3.595,- / € 480,- / $ 640,-
      The river Simested:   DKK 3.595,- / € 480,- / $ 640,-

       This price includes:

     - Accomodation (2 nights) in a single room -TV/bath etc.
     - All meals (2 x breakfast, lunch & dinner), coffee...
     - Full guiding for 3 days
     - Information package about the river
     - Freezing facilities available
     - Fishing licenses & State permit
     - Map of the river
     - Transportation to/from the river (co-sharing)


     We offer one week-end course in 2013 for fishing the seatrout
     in the best river we have for seatrout here in Denmark -
     the river Karup. Should you be interested in trying out one of our
     other seatrout rivers like the rivers Simested, Vejle og 
     other rivers you are very welcome to contact us 
     River Karup:  25. July - 27. July 2014



    Directions:  You will receive instructions
    Meeting place:  At the Hotel
    Time:  Friday at 15.00 pm
    Departure:  Sunday at 15.00 pm                    
    Gear:  Bring your own or lease it through REDTAG
    Language:  We speak English, German, Danish and a little French...
    No. of participants:  Min. 3 persons, max. 8 persons
    Payment:  Must be made 1 month in advance of the Course date

    Bank details: Nordea, Bredgade Afd., 7400 Herning, Denmark

    SWIFT: NDEADKKK    IBAN: DK5520003487667381
     << Grey Heron
     Fishing seatrouts with a fly can happen both at night and at
     daytime. However, there is no question that if you want to
     optimize your luck night time fishing is a must!
     As this video proves, however, daytime fishing or fishing in the
     early morning or evening is also worth undertaking... 


     REDTAG Kirkegade 3, 8881 Thorsø, Denmark " (+45) 97 20 88 28 / (+45) 21 80 64 88 " info@s-e-s.dk "