Welcome to REDTAG's website. Here you will find the information
       needed for planning a fishing trip to the top 4 Danish rivers or
       planning your trip for the coastal seatrout, trouts, pikes...
       REDTAG conducts fly fishing courses as well as spin fishing  
       courses for salmon and seatrout. We also offer our services if
       you want to fish on your own and would like us to take care of
       practical matters....
       We offer you our guiding services, leasing of all kinds of fishing
       equipment, sale of collections of flies used by the rivers etc. 
       building on the concept of sustainability


       We have more than 40 years of experience fishing
       the Danish rivers, lakes and coastal areas so you will
       get a thorough understanding of the waters, holding
       places, salmon lies and more when imploying our 
       services. These services implies that we treat you as
       a new fishing friend who needs a little bit of guidance
       in order to achieve the optimal results... We do fish
       ourselves when guiding you !  We like to think of you
       as a new fishing friend yet to be met...


        OUR POLICIES...

         Sustainability :  We like to do things in a manner consistent with
                                    the principles of sustainable fishing
         Competence :  We would like you to experience the concept of
                                    competence in all aspects of REDTAG's
                                    activities - we appreciate the TQM approach
         Friendliness :   We consider you as a new fishing friend and treat
                                    you that way - make sure to make full use
                                    our backlog of informations
         Total Quality :   Penetrates all our services


       REDTAG has developed a new series of courses aimed
       at companies that has sustainability as part of their core
       values - or would like to adopt sustainability as a core
       value into the basics of company strategy & operations.
       We use fishing as a vehicle for promoting and understanding
       the concept of sustainability and how it can be integrated
       into company practices be it finance, HR, production,
       marketing and other parts of operations.
       Throughout 25 years we have taught companies, University 
       students, NGO's and others about sustainability. If you 
       are serious about this issue try us...!  More info...
   If you're staying in Copenhagen and would like to go fishing for salmon by
   the river Skjern - no problem! We have joint ventures with international
   partners where you can sign up. You'll be flying from Copenhagen Airport in
   the morning and arrive at Karup Airport (50 min. flight) where you' ll be picked
   up and driven to the river Skjern (30 min.). Your gear is ready for you be it fly
   fishing or spin fishing. You'll have your lunch and beverages in a cooler box,
   hip-waders, all licenses, river map etc. You'll get 7-8 hours of salmon fishing
   and be back in Copenhagen in the evening (non-guided tour).
   Price for it all just DKK 2,900 ($ 435/ € 390). Sign up here...
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   "A very detailed and extensive array of personal experiences and thoughts 
    that an Angler has undertaken along four rivers in Jutland. A book that is
    comparable to the classic "Lystfiskerliv" by Svend Saabye" 
    Søren Møller
   "All in all Lars Vedsø has committed an especially readable book of
    fishing for those who loves salmon and seatrout fishing by the rivers
    of Jutland and values that angling is described at a higher spiritual 
    level as well.  Lars Vedsø's new book about life by the rivers of Jutland
    can only inspire to go fishing. And preferably as quickly as possible.
    Jan Delaporte 
    Fisk & Fri 

       On 29. April 2012 a book was issued on salmon and seatrout
       fishing in the Danish rivers Skjern å, Gudenå, Varde å and
       Karup å, written by Lars Vedsø. You can order this book from
       or through REDTAG directly.
        The book is in Danish, however, illustrated with more than
       90 color pictures and divided into 12 Chapters each
       describing the philosophy of fishing, salmon behavior, the  
       Kingfisher, river stretches, the weather, and a million 
       other things.. 
       Title: Lakse- og havørredfiskeri - i de jyske åer
       Author: Lars Vedsø 
       Pages: 448 
       ISBN:   978-87-995798-0-8
       Price: DKK 365,- (€ 49,-)
       Denmark:                Reg. nr: 2273 Konto nr:  5909637726
       Other Countries:     IBAN:     NDEADKKK 
                                        SWIFT:  DK8220003491897065
                                        Please add Postage: DKK 45,- (€ 6,-)
       Order it here... 

       Read Intro & First Chapter (pdf file) - get it here... 

  >> Please help us restore a unique habitat !  
   The original stock of river Guden salmon was extinguished  
   when the power plant and the Tange lake was formed in    
   1921 and one of the most unique natural systems in Denmark  
   was destroyed.  
   The Danish Parliament now is to decide whether the Tange  
   lake should be emptied and the river put back to its original  
   conditions benefiting nature, environment, the economy and  
   developments in the local area.   
   We urge you to sign up in order for us to rectify 90 years of   
   mistakes. We would see a new magnificent landscape   
   evolve and secure natural reproduction of the salmon   
   population for everyone to enjoy.  
   Please sign and make a difference...!   


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