Graylings are part of several Danish river systems, like the river
      Skjern and the river Guden and sometimes you will find a true
      heaven on summer evenings when the graylings rises to the flies.
      Graylings do not grow that big in Danish rivers, the record being a
      fish of 1,4 kg. However, graylings in the 0,3-1 kg range will provide
      you with excellent sport.
      Our tours are thoroughly dedicated to fish the best grayling waters
      in Denmark and we have picked the river Fjederholt, the river
      Vorgod and the upper river Guden as good examples of this. The
      first two rivers are part of the river Skjern system, while the latter
      is part of the river Guden. All three can provide excellent fishing
      for the grayling during the summer period.


      Fishing for grayling is almost always done with a fly, though
      the do sometimes hook on other baits. The dry fly as well
      as the wet fly will both work depending on the food the
      grayling are going for at the specific time.
      A one hand rod is of course the only choice when fishing
      grayling in the 6-8 feet range. Sizes of the fly will vary
      between 10-22 depending on the circumstances. It is
      often advisable to practice long casting techniques because
      the grayling can often be rather shy, so the word of fishing
     "fine and far off" comes to its right here.
      When you have found the fish you will often encounter not
      just one fish but several within the same area. It requires
      a light hand to try not to intimidate the other fish while
      fighting the one that took to your fly. If you succeed you
      can at times experience 10-20 fish in one evening when the
      going gets tough. Min. is 33 centimeters for the grayling.


         We used to offer these tours for individuals or group of anglers on a            
         special basis.  However, we do not offer these tours anymore
         due to the diminishing stock of fish sad as it is.
         If planning a fishing trip to Denmark for fishing grayling.
         "catch-and-release" is the name of game.You can of course do that but
         we must, however also point to the fact that the grayling
         has been put under heavy pressure in Danish brooks and rivers.
         The stock of grayling has diminished in recent years and
         the grayling is fully protected meaning zero homebringings.
         Should you wish to pursue this further you are welcome to contact us
         for more information. We will be glad to help you out.... 
         We do not, however, arrange fishing tours for grayling anymore.

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