REDTAG offers tours if you are into coarse fishing. We do have
      excellent spots in Denmark for this kind of fishing, with good stocks
      of bream, perch etc.
      Coarse fishing is not that widespread so often you will find places
      where you can fish in peace and quiet by yourself.
      "Hot spots" for coarse fishing are the lakes around Silkeborg,
      and Skanderborg in Jutland, the lakes Bagsvaerd, Tystrup Bavelse   
      and Furesoe at Seeland and several of the larger river systems.
      By the lake Skanderborg 3 World records were set in the 1990s
      so there are plenty of opportunities...


      Coarse fishing is without exception undertaken by using
      natural baits of various kinds. Often the mix of bait is
      guarded like a secret but often you will use bait that are
      ready made. Worms, corn, maggots, larvae, cheese, bread,
      ham or pork - all are used to lure the coarse fish.
      Pre feeding is often undertaken to lure the fish near the
      taking area .keep-nets are used to store the fish that
      are released at the end of fishing.


       REDTAG Coarse fishing tours are undertaken by special tours
       only for groups of fishermen that are hooked on this lind of 
       fishing. We arrange for everything - the only thing you have to do 
       is to fish! However, tours can be arranged in multiple ways - 
       with or wirthout accomodation, meals, guiding etc. 
       The places to fish or several - the lakes around Silkeborg and 
       Skandervborg are really rewarding and if you want to try river
       fishing the lower parts of river Guden are excellent for this kind
       of sport.
       If you want usd to make a suggestion, just mail us and we will
       try to draft a tour for you based on the informations given. You
       can also lease rods, reels etc. by REDTAG


     REDTAG,Flamming Mosevej 6, 8620 Kjellerup, Denmark  (+45) 21 80 64 88 " "