REDTAG is an enterprise founded by Lars Vedsø that basically
    pursues the following objectives of:
         - promoting the idea of sustainable recreational fishing  
         - servicing anglers who wish to fish Danish waters
         - learning aspiring anglers to fish with a fly and
         - sharing experiences
     This just about covers what we do and what we hope to be all tied
     together by the concept of sustainability. We like to deliver high
     quality services, to see out guests not as clients but as new
     fishing friends and that is more or less what it is about...


    When we say we want to service Anglers, we do not actually
    mean servicing you in the conventional sense -. the
    traditonal guide-client relationship. We think of it in a more
    unconventional way. Since we take care of most aspects
    concerning your trip, we would like you to feel satisfied in
    all parts of your trip we are undertaking - that's why we're here.
    This means total quality concerning informations, guiding services,
    accomodation, fishing relationships. We will show you the
    "hotspots", the flies used, techniques etc. and we would like 
    you to feel that the information we supply is valid...


    When we say we would like to learn people how to fish with a fly, we
    do not do so, because we think fly fishing is "exclusive", "more
    sportsman like" or for any other reason. We do it because we think
    fly fishing in the long run will be the most rewarding technique to master
    and hopefully stimulate your spirits more than would otherwise be the
    case when fishing with a spinner or natural bait, and just to be sure -
    we spinfish ourselves!  Fly fishing can also become your long-life passion...!   
    We've helped people from all over the world when          
     it comes to fishing - USA, Australia, Russia, Ireland,
     Columbia, The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium,
     Iceland, Denmark, England and several other
     places. We speak English as well as German which
     helps to comminicate.  Fishing is a passion shared
     all over the world. 


     Just a brief introduction. Lars has fished the Danish
     rivers and coastal areas in Denmark for more than 60 years
     making him: a) very old and b) more knowledgeable than
     a person who has just fished these waters for 60 weeks.
     Lars fishes with a fly as well as a spinner, ties some exciting
     new fly patterns that most often do not work and looks upon
     fishing as a basic necessity in line with food and water.
     Lars has previously worked as an Associate Professor
     researching and teaching management accounting,
     environmental accounting, strategy etc. He has been
     a boardmember of private companies, been a project
     manager working for various companies, ministeries,
     and other organizations in Denmark as well as internationally
     and is currently dedicated to the REDTAG operations.   
     Lars is 66 years old, lives near the river Guden and has
     two daughters - Tinne & Venca - who do not fish!


     REDTAG Address:
     Flamming Mosevej 6, 8620 Kjellerup, Denmark
     Cell: (+45) 21 80 64 88
     Banking details: 
     Nordea, Bredgade Afd., 7400 Herning, Denmark 
     IBAN:  DK8220003491897065
     Company ID: 
     18 85 02 06 


     REDTAG, Flamming Mosevej 6, 8620, Denmark " (+45) 97 20 88 28 / (+45) 21 80 64 88 " "