Fishing for seatrout in Denmark has been an alltime favourite
     for many Anglers. However, like the salmon,the population was
     put under pressure from industrial, agricultural and other activities
     during the 1970-1980s but today we have healthy and viable
     stocks of seatrout all over Denmark with the overwhelming majority
     of fishing taking place in Jutland.
     The Danish seatrout has been famous among other things because
     of its size. At one time the World record was actually on Danish
     hands with a giant seatrout of 14,4 kg from the river Karup. Bigger
     seatrouts have in fact been caught but not officially registered for
     this river. Each year seatrout of +10 kg are caught in Danish
     rivers all over Jutland.
     The seatrout provides for excellent sport whether you fish for it in
     our rivers or from the coasts around Jutland and Funen.


     We do not have any quotas concerning aggregate catches
     of seatrouts like we do with the salmon. There are, however,
     often a daily quota in place at most rivers setting a max.
     of one to three seatrouts per day per fisherman. The
     seatrout season is in line with the the general season
     meaning that there are no special regulations concerning
     the period where you are allowed to catch the seatrout.
     The actual season varies somewhat between rivers but
     generally the season commenses in June and continues
     throughout until the season ends. Min. lenght is 40 cm
     applicable for all water types..
   The seatrout can be caught in a number
   of ways - by fly, by spinner or natural bait.
   However, the most efficient way is often
   found by night time fly fishing with a
   Seatrouts of this size will
   often stay in the ocean
   for 4-5 years before
   entering the river
   and when they do
   they become
   fighters for the
   >>  A fantastic seatrout - 13,055 kg from the river Karup (1992)


      In contrast to salmon fishing seatrouts can be fished in
      many rivers and around the coasts of especially Jutland and
      Funen. The coastal seatrout is feeding and this make things
      challenging for picking the right fly or spoon for getting in
      touch with the fish.
      Seatrouts is always a part of the fish population in rivers
      where the salmon is found. To these rivers should be
      added rivers that solely has a seatrout population like
      the river Karup and the river Simested.
      The seatrout can be found in big rivers as well as in the
      smallest brooks, so there should be good opportunities
      for exploring excellent fishing many places in Denmark.
                  Seatrout weighing 11,3 kg - river Guden 2009  >>


      Denmark has been famous for its excellent fishing for seatrout
      in many years - be it river fishing or fishing for the coastal
      seatrout and in many ways the reputation is not all that far from
      The river Karup is without doubt the top river when it comes to
      markings on the big seatrout scoreboard. Each year fish of +10 kg
      are caught in the river and year after year it has delivered excellent
      results both with regard to the size of the fish as well as the number 
      of seatrouts caught. However, it is not just the river Karup
      that can display fine results, all of the major Danish rivers
      holds a stock of seatrout and in each of these fish above the
      10 kg limit has been caught. As with the salmon this is rather good
       results given the size of Danish rivers.
      To this should be added the well-known fishing for seatrout
      along the Danish coast. Here as well, you will find species above
      10 kg - they are rare, but they are there! So all in all, chances are
      good if you put an effort into the fishing...
   River Karup will present some of the most prestine landscapes 
   of Denmark. This river has not been regulated and is gently 
   rolling along as it has done since the Ice age.  
   The river is the foremost seatrout river in Denmark and each
   year +10 kg seatrouts are landed here. Most of the fishing 
   is actually night time fishing but daytime will also offer possibilities
   for getting in touch with this magnificent fish. 
   Tube flies will be a good bet for fishing the river Karup, but if 
   the seatrout is in the mood most anything will go. Remember that 
   the seatrout often will place itself near the banks and often will 
   stick in the weed...
   Enjoy the video... 



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