Pike fishing as well as fishing for perch and the pikeperch takes
     places all over Denmark - in lakes, in rivers and sometimes in the
     Danish fjords.
     The pike grow big and each year fish in the 14-16 kg range are caught
     in Danish waters - this tendency for big fish also applies to the perch
     and the pikeperch - Danish records are 18,75 kg (pike), 2,785 (perch)
     and 11,0 kg (pikeperch). Fish in that range are rare - of course - but
     possibilities for hooking fish that size still exists in Danish waters...
     Habitats for these fish are very varied - from streaming rivers to
     deep lakes as well as places in the fjords where saltwater meets
     the freshwater - you can expererience these fish all over the total
     range of different eco-systems in some of the most beautiful places
     in Denmark.


     The pike is protected during the month of April where
     spawning takes place while the zander is protected during
     following month. There are no restrictions, however, for fishing
     perch other than what follows from the local seasonal
     fishing periods - most water systems are closed in winter
     As with all kinds of fishing a golden rule is not to take out
     more fish than you and your friends and family can eat.
     Under no circumstances is it in line with sustainable
     principles to sell your catch or to fish illegally or not
     complying with the rules laid out for a specific river system.
   The pike can be caught in
   a number of ways - by fly
   by spinner, by natural bait and so on...
   A number of big pikes have been
   caught by winter flyfishing in
  Danish rivers 


     Winter pike fishing is undertaken at many places all around
     Denmark - in the fjords, lakes and rivers on Seeland, Funen
     and in Jutland. You just have to make sure that the waters
     you are fishing are open since many rivers are closed during
     the winter months and/or only members are allowed fishing
     rights in particular periods.
     River Guden is one location that has experienced very
     fine fishing for pike during the winter months with species
     of considerable size. Furesoen on Seeland is another
     place with interesting opportunities as are the lakes
     Bagsvaerd, Tystrup-Bavelse and others if you want to
     pursue winter fishing for the pike.




      Denmarks is beginning to claim fame for its excellent fishing for
      winter pike. During winter and early spring the pike is often in
      the mood for taking flies as well as woblers and spoons, but
      of course you have to know where to fish for them!
      The river Guden is a good bet for fine winter pike fishing. This
      river holds fish in the +15 kg range and you can really get your
      hands full when one of these predators hook onto your fly.
      If you want to try your luck just mail us and we will try
      to accomodate your wishes. You can use this form...
       <<  To your rigth please take a look at some of the remarkable
             pike catches from the river Guden...

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