The way we think of sustainability is focused on several dimensions
         that to us embody the conceptual foundation. Sustainable fishing
         to us means that :
         - we use catch-and-release if a fish stock is endangered
         - we try to operate with suppliers that are environmentally
           certified or have established environmental policies
         - we do not throw any waste - lines, hooks, litter etc. - in nature
         - we kill the fish instantly if bringing it home or if it is inflicted
           with wounds beyond reasonable chances of recovery
         - we try to engage with suppliers that we see as part of a
           socially acceptable practice
         - we regard friendliness as an inherent part of  sustainable
         - we do not consider "big" fish or "many" fish as goals in themselves -
           "big" fish are fun and "many" fish can be ok, but thats not why
           we are fishing 
           All in all, we think of sustainable fishing as a lifestyle..... 


       We believe that sustainability does matter. It matters in
       that instant a core value is called for when we try to find out
       what we want to do and why we want to do it.
       When sustainability becomes a core value nature is not just
       considered because of its value to humans but for its own
       sake. When sustainability becomes a core value the
       essence of life becomes just that and not "big", "many",
       "most" etc. When sustainability becomes a core value
       there is a perception of nature and life as a "wholeness"
       where linkages, patterns, eco-systems interacts. 
       When sustainability becomes a core value it makes a


       Worldwide, not just salmon populations but many other fish
       populations, are put under pressure due to overfishing, illegal
       catches, short-sighted political and economic interests,
       pollution, non-existant habitat or eco-systems management
       systems and other illnesses of the modern globalized and highly 
       effective and efficient societal systems we have built. Wherever
       we can, we must try to mitigate these adverse systemic issues
       so that - not we, but our children - might again see the inherent
       beauty of an unspoiled nature.


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