If you want to fish for trout, Danish waters will often reward you.
     Fishing for brown trout and rainbow trout though has somewhat slipped
     a bit aside with the improved fishing for salmon and seatrout admittedly.
     However, we do have some fine smaller streams that will be a real
     challenge to even the most professional Angler!
     We fish 5 of the Danish top rivers for brook trout and rainbow trout -
     the river Holme, the river Ansager, the river Villestrup, the river Vorgod
     and the river Omme, the two latter being tributaries to the river Skjern.
     These rivers holds a fine mix of brook trout, rainbows, grayling (except
     the river Villestrup), salmon and seatrout. The rivers are generally
     small - from 3-6 meters - but with a natural run through the most 
     beatiful parts of Jutland. 


     The river Holme is a typical small west coast river with a
     mixed stock of seatrout, brook trout, grayling and rainbows.
     Recently the salmon has also shown itself in the river Holme
     being a part of the Varde river system. River width is 3-6
     The river Ansager is also a tributary to the river Varde and
     has a stock of brook trout, rainbow trout, grayling as well
     as occasional salmon and seatrout. The river is some 20 km
     in lenght with a width of approx 3-6 meters - a lovely west
     coast river! 
     The river Villestrup is situated in the middle of Jutland 
     and runs through a lovely landscape with a prestine stock
     of various orchids. The river houses brook trout, rainbows 
     and steelhead as well as seatrouts.  
     River Vorgod is a major tributary to the river Skjern. It holds 
     a good stock of grayling as well as brook trout and rainbows.  
     Likewise, the river Omme runs into the river Skjern and like 
     the river Vorgod you will find both salmon and seatrout entering 
     this river. It also exhibits fine fishing for grayling  and

                                                      From river Villestrup >> 


       TROUT TOURS...

         We offer tours fishing for trout for individuals and groups on an            
         special basis. This means that you specify what you want to fish
         for, dates, number of persons etc. - we will be glad to assist         
         you in planning a fishing trip to Denmark.
         Concerning pricing, you design your own tour which of course will        
         also be reflected in the price depending on what you demand of
         accomodation, meals, if you want guiding, transports etc.
         For the fly fisherman there is an abundance of opportunities to
         try your luck with the brook trout or rainbow trout in the 0,3 - 2 kg


     If you want to try your luck with the trout a single handed
     flyrod is the weapon to choose. 7-9 feet will do the job.
     Both wet fly and dry fly is an option and both may be used
     with good advantage. Lines are mostly sinktip or floating
     with an end taper of 0,15 - 0,25.
     Flies used includes both nymphs,  like Pheasant Tail,
     and dry flies like Jassid and Red Tag, as well as wet flies
     like Blue Dun, March Brown etc.
     We wish you the best of luck - tight line..!



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