Danish salmon fishing has come a long way since the 1980s
      when the salmon population were at an all time low. Since then
      a number of initiatives have been made to develop the Danish
      salmon fishing conditions for the better and today we're on the
      edge of a whole new era for fishing salmons in Danish rivers.  
      The last years have seen consequetive records concerning the
      number of salmons caught as well as the size of the salmon. In
      2021 approx. 1.300 salmons were caught in the river Skjern with 
      an average weight of close to 6,0 kg. In 2009 we saw the biggest
      salmon caught in a Danish river since 1954 - a magnificent fish
      from river Guden weighing 21,1 kg.
      This succes means that Danish salmon fishing is able to compare
      favouritely with most salmons streams in our neighboring countries 
      Sweden and Norway...Sure, we've come a long way ! 


    Fishing for salmon is subject to various kinds of regulations
    specific for the individual river system. Today we have strict
    quotas in place by most of the Danish rivers as well as 
    other regulations concerning tackle used, season lenght etc.
    These regulations you must be acquainted with before
    starting to fish for the salmon.
    Concerning other regulations such as disinfecting your
    gear before fishing such rules does not apply in Denmark 
    like they do in Norway and some other countries. 
    Controls are installed by all rivers for overlooking rules are 
    followed, so please make sure...! 


     In general most methods are allowed for fishing salmon, but again
     you must make sure that restrictions are not applicable by the
     river you are fishing. Sometimes only worms are allowed while
     at other times all methods can be used.
     In general 40% of the salmons are caught using a fly, 40% using
     spinners and 20% using worms and other kinds of live bait.
     All methods are normally applied along the river, meaning that i.e.
     stretches reserved solely for fly fishing isn't used by the Danish

      SALMON RUNS...

     Salmons normally starts running in late March, early April
     and these runs continue throughout most of the season.
     The early runs consists of fish with an above average weight
     while summer runs shows fish in the 2,5 - 6 kg range.
     The best time for fishing the rivers vary but the first two
     weeks of the season, as well as the last two weeks will often
     show good potentials for getting in touch with the salmon...
     The factors affecting catches are primarily the numbers of 
     salmons entering the river, water temperaure, water level, 
     and level of agression by the fish. 
                          Salmon from river Guden 2009 - 21,1 kg  >>


  The Atlantic Salmon is an exceptional creature, with a truly
  exceptional story to tell - in fact many stories, weight being one.
  In just a few places around the World would you expect to see
  salmons above 20 kg! Well, they've been Danish rivers!
  Three salmons above the magical 20 kg in the last couple of years!
  Thinking of Denmark as a salmon "hot spot" is novel and actually
  it is a small wonder that the Danish salmon grows so big bearing
  in mind the relatively small rivers compared to the mighty
  rivers found elsewhere with comparable sizes of salmons. The
   biggest salmon caught in a Danish river weighed a full
  32 kg - caught in the river Guden back before the Tange
  power plant was built ultimately destroying the original salmon
  population found here.
  Nowadays the big salmons have returned to the Danish rivers as
  witnessed by the recent number of catches of salmons in the
  15 - 21 kg range - a truly amazing development due to so many
  efforts made by so many working together!
  The biggest slamon caught in a Danish river was a magnificent
  male salmon of 26,5 kg. It was caught by river Skjern in 1954
  and electrofishing has revealed that salmons of a comparable
  size lurks in this river!
Bootstrap Slider
     SALMON 16 KG 121 CM 
   Each year salmons above 15 kg are caught in the river Skjern and
   a record salmon was caught in 2012 weighing 20,4 kg - taken
   on a fly near the Gjaldbæk bridge. 
   Though such fish are rare the average size of the rover Skjern
   salmon is impressive also measured on a World-wide scale!
   One of these big fish was caught by a Swede and is actually the
   biggest fish he has ever caught  - a magnificent salmon!
   Enjoy the video... 


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