If you're into  fishing for cod, Denmark can offer several
     opportunities for this kind of fishing. The North Sea as well as the
     Baltic Sea and Oresund holds stocks of cod though you have
     to use fishing boats to approach the places to fish.
     Cods can be fished throughout the year but Autumn and Winter
     months are normally considered the best. There are, however
     rules for the protection of the cod in the Baltic Sea
    The cod is protected from 15. January to 31. March and outside
    of this only 1 cod is allowed to bring home each day.  The size
    of the cod must be above 38 cm. 
     Fishing for cod is nowadays a question of identifying where the fish 
     is through electronic equipment and then lowering your bait to the
     right depth. Rods are normally short, heavy rods that can stand 
     the pressure of fightning a big cod through the water layers while 
     the line might be 0,7-1,0 mm  thick.
     Cod fishing might be worth a try.... 

     COD TOURS...

      We offer these tours for individuals or group of anglers on an            
      special basis. This means that you specify what you want to fish
      for, dates, number of persons etc. - we will be glad to assist         
      you in planning a fishing trip for cod or flunder in Denmark.
      Concerning pricing, you can design your own tour within a price        
      range of  € 80 and up - depending on what you demands are.
      Our tours takes place frrom Copenhagen and is confined to
      Oresund just outside of Copenhagen. You can rent fishing     
      gear, bait and spoons on the boat and there is a small place
      where you can buy food and drinks.
     We operate ½ day tours as well as tours that last a whole day. 


     Tours are arranged for in collaboration with the tour operators
     that operates the fishing boats and we can handle groups
     of 10-20 persons as well as individual anglers that would
     like to have a go at the cod or flunder.
     Just fill out the form and we will get back to you
     - get it here... 

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