Last year a group of executives from a large truck manufacturing
      company went to the Kola peninsula in Russia to fish for salmon -
      and to try a new ways of learning within sales and HR operations.
      It turned out to be a succes. 
      Fishing can indeed be a vehicle for driving learning, performance &
      cooporation within an enterprise. REDTAG offers such courses
      basing the contents upon the concept of sustainability - one of the
      core values a modern cooporation must consider for surviving.
      We have conducted courses for companies, taught at the Danish
      Universities at the Master & MBA level, undertaken consulting
      and managed a wide vearity of projects - national as well as
      We try our best to create linkages - linkages between people, 
      informations, between cultures and the environment and financial
      data - in short, we try to create company value in all chains of
      business departuring from the concept of sustainability.  
      We conduct courses at all management levels within the areas of
      HR, Controlling, Finance and CSR - just try us !


      If you have decided that your company is going to be at
      the forefront of the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)
      agenda the question is how to adopt this policy within
      the company. Our suggestion is to do it by way of a
      "hands-on" model meaning that during this course you will
      actually learn about the linkages involved, CSR models,
      information value etc. and you will experience how to
      develop this methodology during the course.
      We combine the beautiful natural surroundings close to 
      Skarrildhus, salmon fishing, walks etc. with the more 
      basic models of CSR. that way you will experience the 
      very basic nature of learning - the "aha" experience...


     How do you operate your company's financial operations in order
     to adhere to the requirements of sustainability ?  Finance is not an
     issue that is on the sideline of sustainability - on the contrary, finance
     can weaken or enforce the efforts put into implementing environmental
     management and auditing systems, "cradle-to-cradle" procedures etc.
     That is why financial CEO's must be aware of the pitfalls as well as
     the possibilities for identifying, collection, analyzing and reporting
     data and turning this data into informations that makes a difference!
     Reporting is an important part of the concept of Sustainability and
     we will discuss this part in-depth at this course...  

    TRY US...

      If you think the idea of coupling practice and theory in
      a new way or would like to experience what the concept         
      of sustainability has to offer you business, please give us a
      call and we wil be happy to discuss the possibilities for
      setting up a course, tailormade to your organization with
      intent of creating a new experience as to what sustainability
      could mean to your business development...
      Call Lars Vedsø (+45) 97208828 or mail him to
      hear about the courses we can offer your company... 
    Tour accomodation takes place at various places - mostly with all
    facilities at hand. Most places offers rooms all with ameneties
    TV, wireless internet, bath etc.  

     REDTAG, Flamming Mosevej 6, 8620 Kjellerup, Denmark (+45) 21 80 64 88 "